Mind Link, Mine Linked
Wu-Nuwaup Wedding Rituals, Rites, Traditions
For Couples of Wu-Nuwaup
The Seen and The Unseen
Conscious Beings
Their 3 Abodes
The Shadow Person
When And Where Did The Spell Come Upon Us?
Spirit Forces Are Real
The Golden Children
The Blood
The Commandments On Sexual Violations
Goddess Creators
Paa Nawam Shalel Paa Nagaru
The Power of Language
The Throne
Paa Bananu
The Master's Secrets - Birth of Earth
The Mind's Eye
Who Is El Shaddai Really?
Who Is The Nuwaupian's Christ?
The Master's Secrets
Haunting, Ghost, Apparitions
The Divine Rules of the Nuwaupians
The Bloodlust and Religion
The Anun.Na.Qi
Rams As Lambs
Psychic and The Gates
My Journey
Makeda and Solomon
Death After And Ethereal Planes