Rahubaat Yasar, Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn Has Given Us This Purification Ritual on Fasting. This Fasting Is Done Twice A Year Marking The Summer And Winter Solstice. In Preparation For The Djed Festival 2017, We, Munwaupu, Will Begin Our Fast For The Start Of The Summer Solstice On June 12th 2017 and it will end June 21st 2017.

PAA TAHUR AQAS•TWY The Purification Rituals

1. Twice each year, we as Munwap-u will purify our blood and being inside outward and outside inward.
2. This is to be done twice a year.
3. This will include fasting and meditational rites personally.
4. For nine days up to the first day of summer “Summer Solstice” and nine days up to the first day of winter “Winter Solstice”. June 21st summer solstice December 21st winter solstice
5. An internal cleaning first followed by days of liquid diet only. Exception to those in need because of bad health physically.
6. No physical activities:
1. Sports
2. Sex
3. Fighting
4. Arguing
7. Small amounts of wine may be intaken, not to the amount that will affect one’s thinking. Drunkenness is strictly forbidden to all Munwapu at all and any times.
8. The choice during these times to wear only: Black dress • Winter Rite White dress • Summer Rite This is not mandatory, only a matter of personal choice. Exception also for uniform of employment or enrollment, only a Black Paar-White Paar
9. It is to begin with a prayer of intention to perform this ritual and is to end with a prayer of intention to end the ritual.
Check with your personal doctor before undertaking this, and/or all physical rituals!

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